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Interviewer: How long did it take to get the whole MTV thing going?

Axl: Um, well they were in negotiations about trying to figure out how long we could, we could do something and where it would be on the show, for actually somewhere...*break in the sound*...near the beginning of that little, mini tour we did and then, we didn't have what we were doing on stage worked out until the day of the show..

Interviewer: Oh is that right? So that whole Guns N Roses medley, is that what you had worked out?

Axl: yeah, that thing .. cos it wasn't sure that we were playing till the day before the show

Interviewer: Now, tell me about the reaction from people... they must have been blown away there.

Axl: People were pretty shocked, yeah definitely.

Interviewer: yeah, so you must have been pretty fired up. How did you feel going back out there on stage, live TV and all that stuff - you must have been a nervous wreck all that day.

Axl: Well, no .. I wasn't that .. but everything tends to go wrong in my world .. like even going to soundcheck, the police wouldn't let me down the street to go to the building... And then the day of the show, they didn't let us go down the street, and I had to get out of the car, run past the police, they're telling me I have to stop .. and I'm like 'I gotta sing' .. and the best part was, as I'm running down the street, I had to run past all the people lined up to get in the building.. and they're going 'HEY, THERE GOES KID ROCK!!!'

Interviewer: Now, why wouldn't the police let you on? I'm kinda lost on that one.

Axl: You know, just, they're lost .... just confusion...lost .. don't know what's going on .. people not having people's names on the list .. not knowing what passes to check .. all that kinda crap .. so ... just usual stuff going wrong for no reason...

Interviewer: So what you're telling me is, Axl Rose had to sneak into the MTV Video Music Awards!!

Axl: yeah, basically .. I had like police chasing me down the street ... and then our security and MTV had to, like, clear it with them .. yeah it was very interesting...

Interviewer: I guess the big question is 'Where have you been?' Where has Axl Rose been for the last 10 yeahrs? What have you been doing .. just mellowing out?

Interviewer: .....after taking that big, huge lay off.

Axl: yeah, I think that the relevancy really .. I mean at the end of the day, it really depends on, well, for a bit of the nostalgia thing, you have the songs that we're playing a lot of the old material ... for new excitement, you have the performance of these particular players ... but at the end of the day, it's also really gonna stand on the new songs when we put out a new record .. and if that's considered relevant or not, *and* if that's considered not selling out, just to be relevant. So .. it'll really all hinge on that, and we feel really confident about the music that we're working on , and I think that when it does manage to find it's way into the light .. the timing will be perfect .. like this MTV thing and the touring right now .. that's all working really well.

Interviewer: I guess the reason I ask you that is .. I see younger people - early 20s/late teens .. I mean, fired up to see Guns N Roses...

Axl: yeah .. they are ... and also the new performers .. the band and the show is a real exciting thing ... I like the soundchecks and the rehearsals for the shows - watching this thing because watching these guys is amazing .. I mean .. Guns N Roses ... I was in that band because it was my favourite band, so I was watching all the players in that band .. and watching this band is just as exciting and more for me .. plus having what I feel is a better personal relationship with the individuals in the band, makes it more exciting for me .. and people have commented on noticing that on watching the shows a lot.

Interviewer: Now you said this a couple of minutes ago ... When the new record comes out ... I mean 'if' .. you're a little skeptical about that...

Axl: No I'm not skeptical about 'if' ... I'm just saying .. the 'when' thing is when we decide that it's completed .. you know, there's a lot of things that we come up with new ideas.. are working on it as we go .. and it is a really, really slow process because it's kinda left more to ourselves and trying to figure it out where...y'know, what I've seen in this industry is that, if a record company... I dunno .. there seems to be a lot more support for getting things done with newer bands and it's got a lot to do with contracts being.. they don't have to spend as much money on the band .. and they're trying to get out there ... and then the next thing you know, they've sold a couple of albums and then they don't care about that band anymore and they move on and that band falls apart ... it doesn't seem like there's a lot of support for bands who have been around .. that's my experience.. and so in putting this thing together .. in a lot of ways I've had to do way more jobs in it than I'm supposed to ... I've had to be manager, A&R(?) man, producer, sole lyric writer .. and a lot of things .. where Guns N Roses to me.. what I worked really hard at, was making it a colaborative effort.. and there was a lot of people involved ... this was a colaborative effort with the players .. but the players aren't exactly sure what it should be to try to win over the world, Guns N Roses style .. so that's kinda my responsibility ... anyway .. but it's all working.. it took a long time, but now it's working and I think we'll have the right record.... And when we do drop the record, the plan is to drop the record .. have a bunch of extra tracks .. about a yeahr or so down the road, drop another record, and drop a third record .. this is a three stage thing, we'll be touring for a reaaaaaal loooooong time...

Interviewer: the time off didn't didn't like it too much.. you wanna keep more time off, huh?

Axl: Well, we've been collecting lots of songs .. so there won't be lots of time off .. we'll just keep touring

Interviewer: There's a couple more things I want to touch on here..since we last heard of Guns N Roses, there's been a new president, reality TV, Kid Rock, Eminem, Linkin Park .. I mean things have changed so much .. has any of this stuff influenced you at all?

Axl: Well,, yes *laughs* Y'know, yeah, everything that's going on you'd think about, and there's a lot of different influences in music, so we tried to move the music forward ... There's a lot of misconceptions because I wasn't going to get in a one-on-one war with the old guys, because I felt that all that would do was gonna promote their albums .. and bring attention to that, and I didn't wanna help that at all .. the reality was that, I was basically going to do most of Slash's songs in particular and work on those with him .. but basically anytime we got anything that would be halfway near something that was gonna be either successful because it completely kicked ass, or it was just strong in any way ... then it was backed away from .. and I believe that just has a lot to do with trying to keep material down .. for his own personal reasons .. y'know keep his own material down ... there was a lot of stress... basically it's like why Izzy and these guys .. none of them really wanted to do the big shows...

Interviewer: Is that right, what kinda shows did they want to do?

Axl: Well, from day one, Izzy always wanted to be about the size of The Ramones and do about 2000 seaters, so there was always a little battle there... and then the other guys had to be on so many substances to really be able to deal with that crowd... I mean, to his credit, Slash could play great guitar on a lot of know? But there's a reason that you would be *that* whacked out to get on stage .. and there's a lot of stress to deal with.

Interviewer: When I asked him what was one of the finest memories about the Guns N' Roses/Metallica tour of 93..

Axl: I was definitely very excited about how that went ... as far as how it went for us. And we got to see a lot of people backstage .. we threw some really huge parties that were a lot of fun...

Interviewer: I was at one, one time, and you walked right by me and went right into a hot tub with all these chicks .. so that ain't too bad huh?

Axl: No, that's not too bad *laughs*

Interviewer: I remember some of the parties .. you guys had a different theme in every city, if I'm not mistaken, right?

Axl: yeah that was a lot of fun

Interviewer: I heard Indianapolis, you had cars...that one I was at was like Go-go dancers or psychadelic or something...

Axl: yeah we had a casino with ice-sculptures somewhere....

Interviewer: So what are your plans for this yeahr, you're doing the tour ... you got a New yeahrs date yet?

Axl: yeah, I think we're doing San Jose, San Francisco basically..

Interviewer: Ok, cos I'd heard something about the Las Vegas thing again...

Axl: Well we are doing Mandalay Bay right before then... but basically, the larger venues in Vegas want to stay dark on New yeahrs cos they want people in their gaming .. so we wanted to play a larger place in Vegas, so that's why we ended up doing San Francisco

Interviewer: I guess this is kind of a generic question .. but how's the tour so far?

Axl: It's goin great, it's going great .. it started off exceptionally weird, but I guess GnR style... and then from that point on, we've been really happy .. all the guys are happy .. you can sense that the people are getting, in the band, are getting excited about what they see that we can turn this thing into ... because we know what the material is we are working on ... and right now you have people just kinda like stunned and watching .. but I'll be excited when there's newer songs out there so then you've got some of that frenzy happening...

Interviewer: Are you doing any new stuff on the tour?

Axl: We do about four or five songs that we've done at the various shows ... but we're still holding our big guns back...

Interviewer: Is that right?

Axl: Oh yeah..

Interviewer: Well it's great to talk to you Axl ... somebody here at the station wanted me to ask you if you were dating anyone, I dunno .. these girls here at the station, y'know..

Axl: Ah, y'know, noone in particular... no .. no significant others yet...

Interviewer: Well listen Axl, thanks for taking the time out... stay out of trouble ok ... can you do that for us?

Axl: yeah man, thanks a lot .. oh yeah definitely.

Interviewer: Axl, thanx, we'll talk to you soon

Axl: Alright man, have a good one...